Past Speaking Engagements


April 6, 2013:  Arden Levy served as a faculty member for “Hit the Ground Running Bootcamp,” for Ms. JD and the DC Women’s Bar Association.

March 1, 2013:  Arden Levy moderated a panel for the ABA Insurance Coverage Litigation CLE Seminar entitled:  “Whaddya Mean It’s Not Covered?!?!  Assessing Potential Broker Liability for Claims Insurers Deny.”

February 21, 2013:  Arden Levy spoke on a DC Bar panel: “What You Never Learned In Law School:  The Mechanics of Running a Law Practice.”  (Available as a webinar to DC Bar members:

April 5, 2012:  Arden Levy spoke at a webinar: “Property Insurance Claims With Multiple Causation Losses:  Coverage Fundamentals:  Evaluating Causation in First-Party Claims With Covered and Non-covered or Excluded Clauses.”

April 5, 2012:  Arden Levy moderated panel at DC Bar: “Getting Started in Alternative Dispute Resolution: Volunteer Opportunities in the D.C. Metro Area.”

March 2, 2012: Arden Levy spoke at the ABA Insurance Coverage Litigation Conference in Tucson, AZ: “The Return of Upstairs Downstairs In Catastrophic Loss Cases: New cases and recent trends impacting primary and excess coverage.”

February 23, 2012: Arden Levy moderated panel for the DC Bar: The Business of Law: Successfully Transitioning From a Big Law Firm to a Solo or Small Firm Practice” for the DC Bar. This program addressed key considerations for leaving a big law firm to start your own practice, including: attracting and retaining clients, flexibility on pricing, business development, marketing and branding, administrative management, and operating expenses.